Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trials and Errors of Preschool

   When we decided to homeschool Cooper, our second son was only a few months old. There were so many questions and fears that I had about how both of them would adjust to having the other one around everyday. Cooper had, had me to himself for three years and Reid would need me around the clock for a while longer. There were many long night conversations with my husband. "Are we making the right decision? Will Cooper get enough attention from me? Will Reid get enough attention from me? Will Cooper be around kids his own age enough?"

    I'll be honest with you. These first 6 months have been challenging. All of us have had to get used to the new dynamic. There were many days that I would call Milt and beg him to come home early or just ask him to listen to me vent. Those hard days are immediately overshadowed by all of the good ones. Yes there is the weekly .......okay, sometimes daily breakdown from Cooper because of the lack of attention that he is getting from me at the moment. It really has been a trial and error for me. I have had to figure out how and when to get our learning time in around Reid's feeding schedule. The biggest thing is I have learned to read Cooper's emotions any particular day about his desire to have school that day. I have tried to start a daily schedule with him but learned very quickly that he is not to keen on that set up.

    I realized very quickly that I am very much a child lead homeschooler. Cooper is a sponge and begs to be taught. I kid you not, most mornings as soon as he finishes breakfast he says , "Mom can we do school today?" I jump up excited that he wants to learn and let him choose what he wants to talk about that day. The only things that are a constant to our day are handwriting and a bible story. This is such an incredible experience for me! I am just as excited to see what we will talk about each day. He keeps me wondering : will he choose cooking, shape sorting, the science cubby, etc.

  My favorite comment from him so far is, "Mom, I love my school at home with mommy!" These things make my heart melt and confirm that we are making the right decision for him right now. I have learned to take it one day at a time and do what is best for all of us. Some days they both just need to be held and have a pj day with mom and that's okay! Cooper is still preschool age and I want to encourage and grow his desire to learn. Letting him call the shots for a bit is making learning fun for all of us : )

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