Sunday, November 4, 2012

Season of change

  We have had the best month! It has been filled with many get togethers with friends, family days, days of doing nothing, and days of making memories. Our family has been so blessed these past few weeks with the closing on our first home, to the friends that help us celebrate. This pictures was taken on Halloween. We spent the evening with friends from our small group at church. As I watched Coop run around in his cowboy getup with his friends, I thought about how happy I am that he will grow up surrounded by these amazing people. We are part of a church community that has loved on us from day one and is so completely invested in our lives so much that we never thought once about moving away from Knoxville once Milt graduated.

  This has also been a month of change. Cooper started preschool the week after he turned 3. He has been hesitant, to say the least, every morning to go but enjoys it once he is there. We were still having problems with him feeling comfortable and getting sick from nerves up until this past week. We decided it was best for him and us to pull him out and feel out preschool next year. Where does that leave us? I have a nice little area set up in the dining room where we are going to do a little preschool at home. I am a wife and mother at heart first, but a teacher next. I love watching him catch onto new concepts! I am pretty sure I am more excited about it than he is. 

  I loved having three mornings a week when it was just me and Reid, but I am looking forward to having Coop home again. I don't ever want to look back and feel like I made him grow up to fast or force him to do something that wasn't what was best for him. We live right next door to one of his best friends, and we have play dates with his other friends at least once a week, so i'm not to worried about him interacting with other kids! I'm praying for the best and hoping that this ends up being a great experience for both of us. I'll keep you updated!!