Friday, October 12, 2012

Tis the Season

I admit it...........I am one of those people that skips right over Halloween and Thanksgiving the moment  we have a day below 75 degrees and the stores start stocking Christmas cards. I can't seem to help myself! I tell people that I grew up in a house that might as well be the North Pole starting the day after Thanksgiving. My best family memories more times that not come from the month of December. My parents raised us to cherish family time and to love Jesus (insert the season of Christmas!)

Now that Milt and I are spending the first Christmas since getting married in 2006 at our home instead of my parents I feel the pressure to make those memories just as special for Cooper and Reid. I want the house to look just right, I want to Pinterest the heck out of each room LOL, I have been trying to find crafts and homemade gifts for us to make, cookie recipes, and the best books to read them.

It hit me today that I am missing a great opportunity to create wonderful memories and teach them things..........The entire season of Fall and Thanksgiving!  What a better time to show them the importance of family and how to be thankful. I am thankful every day for my parents and they values they taught me. I knew how to be grateful for what I had. Even though it was very little at times I didn't know I was missing out on anything. Things weren't important to me. My parents raised me to put a bigger priority put on relationships and creating memories with the people I loved. My favorite thanksgiving memory was when I was in elementary school and my grandmother helped me make a layout of a house completely out of leaves. I was complete with furniture and a full bathroom! I want Cooper and Reid to have those times to look back on too, therefore I need to not rush and just be in the moment with them.

I want to make sure that I don't skip over time with my kids during the holidays. They already grow up to fast as it is! This fall I will be thankful, and not rush the days. I'm excited to spend the next few months making memories!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Playing catch up!


Life has been a little crazy lately! Let me see if I can catch you up. When Milt graduated from Johnson in May, we really didn't know if he would still be working at Johnson as the graphic designer or not. He had been working there since he started school but his employment wasn't guaranteed after he graduated. Therefore, our housing on campus wasn't guaranteed either. We started looking for places to rent shortly after graduation because we wanted to be moved in before Reid was born. I called one of my friends, Betsy, in a moment of sheer panic one morning because I can always count on her to chill me out! She informed me that her neighbors were selling their house. Seeing as renting somewhere we felt safe to raise our children was going to cost the same as buying a house, we began to pray about the possibility of buying.

We called the homeowners and let them know our situation and that we couldn't start the buying process to even see if we qualified until Milt's job was secured. Tasha (the homeowner) very quickly became a friend. I felt an instant connection with her and felt like I could share my heart with her. I remember telling my mom that it felt like we were trying to buy a home from family! We drove over to see the house and Cooper very quickly realized that he could be living right next door to one of his best friends and ran straight to the fence separating the yards and began yelling for him!
Tasha told Milt and I once we were getting ready to leave that she was praying for us. She had been praying that the next people to come and look at the house would be the new homeowners. She had a peace that we were the ones. Knowing that she was praying as hard as we were gave me such huge peace.

A month later we were told that Milt's job was only guaranteed through September and that the chances for him to stay on were 50/50 after that. We were disappointed and a little stressed out. I called Tasha the next day and sadly told her that we could not pursue the house but as soon as Milt found a job that we would call her if the house was still on the market. I didn't give another thought to the house that day, I was too exhausted.

Milt and I were leaving small group later that night when I received a call from Tasha. She said that she and her husband had talked and prayed about what to do next and felt like if they listed the house that they would be taking our house from us, (I get chills every time I get to this part in the story, even when I'm typing it.) I told her that I felt like it was our home too. In my mind, I could picture bringing Reid home and raising our family here. I pictured their first day of school, taking pictures on the porch, and all the holidays that we would spend there. Tasha asked me if we would be interested in renting until Milt found a job and we could potentially purchase the home. I have never felt more humbled and more excited all in the same moment. I just knew that God was in this and that his plan was WAY bigger than we had even thought of for ourselves.

We frantically moved into the house a week later (15 days before Reid was born). We continued to job hunt for Milt, still feeling like Knoxville was where God wanted us to be. Nothing was looking promising, but Milt was okay with that because he still felt like Johnson, somehow, was going to work out. Milt continued to go above and beyond as he always had at work. He really tried, and succeeded, to make himself irreplaceable. To make a story about a LONG process short, believe it or not, a few weeks ago Milt was hired on at Johnson University as the graphic designer! He has worked so hard and proven him self over and over. I am beyond proud of him and excited that he is doing something that he is so passionate about. He loves his job, his co-workers and the University.

I believe the chain of phone calls went something like this: parents, siblings, Tasha! She celebrated with me over the phone and told me to let her know if there was anything that she could help us with during the process. We applied for the loan last week and have an estimated closing date for the end of this month! God is so good, and his timing is perfect. Yes it has been stressful. I have cried, yelled, given up, laughed, repeat, repeat, repeat. Milt has been with me through it all and I love him for it! We love this home already! We have made some amazing new friends because of it, created some amazing memories already, and are beyond excited for our life here. :D