Sunday, January 20, 2013

Running Wild

   Apparently God is working on my heart, because this thought of just letting Cooper be a three year old and learn at his own pace is still heavy on me. Maybe God is giving me reassurance that I am teaching him when I need to teach, and letting him run wild when he needs to run wild!

   Have you ever had something planned out for you and your child to do that you are super excited about? You get out all the materials that you had to run to the store to pick up the night before. Everything is set up and ready to go. You call them to the table and as soon as they get situated say, "Can I go outside?" or "Can I go back to the playroom?" Please tell me that it doesn't just happen to me!

  I was once told by a close friend that she tries to let her son decide what they do every now and then, just to encourage him and let him know that even though he is young he has good ideas. I have tried to be more laid back when this happens, especially when he asks to go outside on a less than pleasant weather day. If you knew him you would realize what a huge deal it is for him to even step foot outside without one of us attached to him. He is exploring, digging, taking in every noise, and diving into what God has made for him. It is so amazing to watch! A few days ago after he had been outside for a while he looked up at the sun and said, "Mommy, the sun moved!" That led into a three year old version of a science lesson about the Sun, how the Earth revolves around it, sunrises, sunsets, and days. Some of the best lessons for our children, God has already laid out for us! I didn't need a book, although they help out greatly. I didn't even need to buy anything.

  When have you let you child decide the days plan and how did it go?!

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