Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frozen Yogurt Fun (Giveaway!!)

  Yesterday we began "My Favorite Color Week". Cooper just happens to share my love for GREEN! The morning started off with putting on a green shirt and making banana nut muffins with a couple of drops of green food color. I have never seen him down a muffin faster! When thinking about this week lessons I took into consideration Coop's growing amount of cabin fever. I have found him on the back deck numerous times in the past few days shoeless, and happy as a clam. This normally wouldn't be a big deal but it has been around 32 degrees and there are still patches of snow on the ground. Sneaking outside is the only way he can see the backyard recently so I am trying to come up with outings for us to go on that I can also use as teachable moments.

  When our family does brave a trip out it's usually for dinner or dessert. Our favorite treat at the moment is frozen yogurt, which Cooper affectionately calls "freezing yogurt". I will never correct him because it's the little sayings like these that help me hold onto the baby I still want to see in my three year old! I thought that a trip to Menchie's Frozen Yogurt in Bearden , which has a plethora of yogurt toppings to pick from, would be a perfect way to include an outing into our Favorite Color Day!

  We arrived at the store a little before dinner and were greeted by their amazing staff. They are always so nice and even interact with Cooper, who is running around with excitement at this point. I let him choose his yogurt flavor from the easy to see pictures above each yogurt machine. I love that they had these in addition to the flavor name in print because even though he can't read, he felt so independent and grown up choosing all on his own.  He chose vanilla and we moved on the the fun part - the toppings! I reminded him that today was his favorite color day and that we could "hunt" for all the green things we could find to put on his frozen yogurt. He loved this and chose : green gummy bears, green peanut m&m's, and a couple of green gummy worms! The icing on the cake was when he was offered a spoon that was green. Win!

  This was such a fun way to start our "My Favorite Color Week"! Our family loves the Menchie's in Bearden and would encourage you to stop by if you are in Knoxville. I know that I don't have to twist your arm to go out and eat frozen yogurt but maybe a giveaway will give your family a fun night out! Yes? Here you go:
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  1. I really like fruit toppings and fruit flavored sorbet.

  2. I've only tried FroYoz! Can't wait to try Menchies!

  3. I haven't been to Menchies before, but I think I would probably want something chocolatey, if they have it!