Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Favorite Homeschool Resources

   I have had several people ask me where I go for ideas, inspiration, and support for homeschooling Coop. I have a handful of go-to blogs from moms that are likeminded or also have preschoolers. I join forums for the same reason. Pinterest has played a huge part in helping fill my idea bank. I have realized that I will be pinning ideas from the same person and start following them. Pinterest is also a great outlet for me to share my ideas with other parents. We are all in this together!

   I have realized that the only way to not get burnt out or run out of ideas is to surround yourself with supportive, likeminded parents who have been or are in the same boat. Being a parent of a toddler is exciting enough but throw homeschooling in the mix and it's a whole different beast. If you don't surround yourself with other parents and resources that are available to you, it can seem overwhelming. With that support though, you find comfort in the hard days when either you or your child are just off your game. You find reassurance that a bad day, even a bad week, every now and then is okay and that you are not the only family that has them. The best thing about surrounding yourself with other parents and homeschoolers is that you can rejoice that much more in the happy days and find joy in watching your child grow and love learning!

  Here is a list of my go to blogs, websites, and forums:

What are your favorite go to parenting or homeschooling sites? I would love to check them out and list them here!

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