Saturday, January 12, 2013

Traveling Fun

   Tomorrow afternoon I am headed to Alabama for the week to visit family. This will be my first trip over 30 minutes from the house with both kids by myself! I have taken this trip a dozen times with just Cooper, but something about being in a car alone for 5 hours with a 3 1/2 year old and a 6 1/2 month old seems daunting. I have clothes packed and snacks ready to go. The car is gassed up and ready and Cooper is asking every five minutes when we are leaving.

   I know that it may be bad timing but I am known for wanting to pursue spur of the moments ideas! Standing next to the stack of clothes ready to be packed I thought, "I need some sort of activity other than the dvd player for Coop to have on the trip." I knew that there are lap book printables out there or 'busy books'. I wondered if I could throw something together with the school supplies we had at home.

Here is what I came up with :

3 Ring Binder
Clear sheet protectors
binder pencil holder
dry erase washable markers (bought these)
pages out of coloring books and activity books

I was so excited to put this together that I didn't take pictures as I went, but here is the finished product!

I alternated coloring pages with activity pages to keep him interested!
Marker comes off easy with a baby wipe
You can even add your own page like I did
here so he can practice his name

~Amber C


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    1. Thanks! I just put a handful of them in a ziplock bag inside of the pencil case. It worked great :-)