Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shape Magnets

    I love my weekly trips to the dollar tree! I'm always surprised at the activities I can put together for less than $5. In the school section I came across these multi-colored magnetic shapes. They came in packs of 10 mostly random shapes but a few squares and triangles were included. All I had to do was hop two aisles over to the kitchen section and pick out a cookie sheet that was big enough for all the pieces to fit on to.                        

   He loved it when I introduced the concept of placing shapes together to form a different shape. It was even more exciting to see him recognize the names of each shape he was creating. It is so good for him as a hands on learner to feel what each shape feels like. I have notice that is has been easier for him to draw circles, triangles, and squares since this activity!

   Once we finished I let him have a little free time to play with the shapes and look what he created. He said it was a dinosaur with a tail! I see it :)  I'm so glad to have tracked these magnets down. Coop has had a blast and the best part is the clean up is ten times easier than legos!

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