Monday, December 3, 2012

My Favorite time of Year!

   This is my favorite picture from Thanksgiving break! I have never seen two brothers love each other so much. No one can make Reid light up like Cooper can and Cooper loves it when he gets a smile or laugh out of Reid. I can't believe that 5 months have passed since Reid was born. It has flown by. I find myself enjoying each stage much more than I did with Coop. I don't want any day to rush by or any new stage to get here before its supposed to. I realize even more after having Cooper grow up on me that these first few months are precious and priceless! 

  Reid is in the process of cutting his first tooth and attempting to roll over. He has quite the tummy so he gets angry at me if I leave him on his stomach for too long :D He is such a happy baby and will flirt at anyone that looks his way.

  Cooper and I have started doing a few preschool things at home during the week. He is so smart (witty really LOL) We have talked about homeschooling him. If that happens, I will only have him at home through elementary school. After that I am sure that he will be smarter than me and teaching him would be more of a challenge! 

  I am so excited for Christmas and to start our own family traditions this year. So far Cooper and Reid have had their first taste of Eggnog, we have made Christmas cookies, put up three Christmas trees (two of them at my parents house, and started an advent calendar. I can't wait to be able to share with you the stories that I'm sure I will have of Cooper and the unique way he views the world this Christmas season!
  I am one hooked mommy. Both of them have me wrapped around their fingers. I am truly thankful this year for the boys in my life and the amazing husband that just stares at me when I become a pushover at one droopy lip look from Cooper!

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