Thursday, August 30, 2012

The new world of having a 3 year old!

I knew things would be different as Cooper approached 3. I was warned by parents of 3 year olds and from my weekly parenting emails! I look back on the past year of him being 2 and I know we had struggles but all I remember are the good times........the first time he told Milt that he was his best friend, all the times he kissed my belly and said "i love you baby Reid" while I was pregnant, and watching him learn things he didn't know the day before!
  Cooper turned 3 last Saturday and all of a sudden he is more independent, smarter, and wittier than he should be (without getting in trouble .........most of the time)  It makes me feel like I am quickly running out of time to have my say on the person he will be when he grows up. It reminds me of all the things that I wanted to do with him and as a family the past year that we never got around to. Having your kid have a birthday is like a having a parent's New Year's. I made "Cooper's 3" resolutions! lol This year I will try to read with him more, take him outside more, and let him call the shots some days on what we do cause most of the time he has amazing ideas! Most of all I will be more patient with him. He may drive me crazy sometimes but Cooper is the most thoughtful, loving, hilarious little boy I know.
  I'm hoping that this time next year I can say that all I remember are the good times and that I made the most of everyday we spent together!

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